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What are the advantages of an outsourced DPO?

Data Protection as a Service is the practice of hiring an outsourced DP expert to perform a risk assessment of an organization’s data privacy systems. Outsourcing is a more cost-effective solution to ensuring PDPA compliance and other local regulations.

Hiring employees through service contracts also applies to outsourcing data protection officers. These outsourced employees can spend more time on the project and have the experience required to perform these tasks. The data protection officer (DPO) role is a certified data protection professional. They provide guidance for cyber security and all data protection-related queries. 

DPOs are supervisory authorities over an organization’s data protection policies, Personal Data Protection Act PDPA Rules (PDPA) compliance and local data regulations. Data protection officers sourced from a DPO service provider like ATET Security will guarantee that your company reaches the needed compliance level of any regulations.

This article will go over:

  • PDPA Policies;
  • The role of a Data Protection Officer; and
  • Advantages of an Outsourced DPO;

PDPA Policies

The PDPA is a data protection act in Singapore that prohibits the misuse and encourage the proper handling of data. However, under PDPA, not all organisations require a DPO. The PDPC requires this for companies that collect and process private data belonging to consumers — which is effectively what most modern organizations do anyway. The PDPA states that at least one person takes over a data protection officer’s responsibilities. This mandate applies to either an internal or external DPO. An internal or outsourced Data Protection Officer performs regular and systematic monitoring of an organization’s data systems to ensure compliance with PDPA standards.

The role of a Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer’s role focuses on:

  • Informing and advising a company’s executives about their PDPA obligations;
  • Monitoring the organization’s compliance with PDPA and other industry-specific data protection rules;
  • Providing ongoing data protection support and help with Data Protection Impact Assessments (these assessments identify and mitigate the risks that arise from processing sensitive data subjects); and
  • Serving as an organization’s liaison for authorities and other institutions.

Although the responsibility lies with an organization to comply with PDPA, the DPO ensures that the organization remains accountable by controlling data processing practices.

Data Processing Programs

An outsourced DPO will fully reword an organization’s existing large-scale data protection policy if they deem the original one lacking. A Data Protection Policy states how an organization protects personal data subjects through rules and guidelines, ensuring compliance with data protection laws. Although the PDPA doesn’t state that a data controller must have a written data protection management program, section 24 part 4 indicates that reasonable steps must be taken in order to ensure the security of your data. Thus, it may be necessary to go the “extra mile” by implementing stringent protection measures to limit liability.

Advantages of an Outsourced DPO

Outsourcing DPOs is the most cost-effective solution to PDPA compliance because you get an experienced data specialist ready to make related decisions immediately and take their data protection responsibilities seriously.

Outsourcing a DPO is a better solution because:

  • Experienced DPOs quickly and efficiently complete core activities than an unqualified in-house employee forced to be a part-time data protection officer;
  • Outsourced DPO services provide a DPO who has extensive experience in avoiding financial penalties from associated authorities because they act as a liaison between them and your organization;
  • DPO decisions are free from errors and misinterpreted regulatory stipulations. They handle multiple responsibilities at once;
  • With an outsourced DPO, you avoid the struggles and added costs of recruiting, onboarding, and keeping an employee as a DPO;
  • Outsourcing DPOs mitigates potential conflicts of interest.
  • Outsourced DPOs do not go on vacation or take time off, allowing you access to their expertise for the task’s duration.

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