ATET Security

Cybersecurity to Keep Your Business Safe

At ATET, we are committed to providing our clients with accurate security recommendations across various industries. ATET is adept at performing comprehensive risk assessments for businesses and proposing security measures that commensurate with the risks, giving companies competitive marketplace advantages.

Our Capabilities

To provide requested expertise support and services as per engagement with clients on the need basis.

CISO-as-a-Service is an essential and critical investment for the enterprise to evaluate and strengthen the cybersecurity programme effectiveness and drive regulatory compliance.

Helping clients with end-to-end and integrated data privacy framework

Training has always been an essential process for every team in every business. It helps to ensure that your employees are all on the same page, armed with the knowledge and skills they need to do their jobs effectively.

Welcome to ATET Security

ATET Pte Ltd is a cybersecurity company based in Singapore that provides cybersecurity consulting services, training, and advisory services. ATET provides high-end cybersecurity solutions that help companies evaluate their security capabilities and enhance their IT system infrastructure.

ATET Security is adept at performing a comprehensive risk assessment for businesses, proposing security measures, conducting training, vulnerability and penetration services to companies that benefit them from a competitive marketplace. ATET Security does include Data Protection (DP) As A Service to companies that hold client personal data as we value the importance of safeguarding personal data handling.

Benefits Of Securing Your Businesses

Trust and Confidence

Instil a high level of trust in your customers, assuring them that their assets and information are in good hands, protected against criminals. Reputation as a trustworthy business partner or provider is a good selling point too.

Reduce Financial Loss

Many SMEs and senior members of large corporations lost their value after major breaches, and commonly seen are that those who survived paid a premium for recovery services and penalties.

Security as an Enabler

Security is like having brakes in the car. Knowing you can accelerate and halt at will, more powerful vehicles can be built and lives can be trusted with them. Similarly, business can increase their reliance on technologies in all aspects without worries of adversely impact their operations and profits.

Our Vision And Mission

Our Vision

To be Asia’s top well-known cybersecurity solution provider through excellent services and commitment. We aim to grow as a team with our employees and continuously assist our customers with excellent service.

Our Mission

ATET Security is committed to delivering excellent service that enhance our customer’s cybersecurity infrastructure and protect their customers’ personal data.

Why us?

Cybersecurity in ATET is about:

1. Securing the business, not just the technology
2. Risk-based approach to ensure effort commensurate
3. Providing security is a process, not just a product

Start With A Free Consultation

Allow us to provide you a free, no-obligation consultation so that you can get an overview of your existing security posture, including a clear indication of your strengths and any potential weaknesses, as well as a grade.