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Strongest SaaS Cybersecurity Solution offers an all-encompassing security solution to prevent user exposure. ​

ATET Cyber Pro

Safety Education That Focuses On Behavior Change

Start employee-specific security awareness training from the ground up. The only solution on the market that provides continuous security education based on user behavior.

Simulated Phishing Attempt

We automated the simulation of phishing assaults by using hundreds of premade templates. In other words, a database of phishing documents that is updated periodically.

Awareness-Based Security Education

Add more strength to your best defensive line. This system offers behavior-driven training for employees with its entire collection of training courses, videos, and quizzes.


ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, EU NIS, and Cyber Essentials are just some of the regulations that ATET Cyber Pro aids businesses in meeting. In accordance with SCORM standards and playable in a variety of learning management systems.

ATET Guardian

Businesses, managed service providers (MSPs), and educational institutions all around the world may benefit from ATET Guard, an innovative web filter that provides protection against both HTTP and HTTPS security risks and powerful DNS filtering management.

Protection Against Malware

Protects Against Hacking Attempts, Viruses, Ransomware, and Infected Websites.

Managing Blocked Content

Threats to an organization's network are stopped cold by a web filter.

Policies that can be adapted

Environment-specific factors need special attention.

Protected Bring-Your-Own-Device

Businesses must provide encrypted Wi-Fi or face penalties.

ATET Shield

Email security blocking phishing, malware, spam, viruses and other malicious email threats. ATET Shield email protection solutions provides advanced yet easy to use email protection for your business. Microsoft 365 friendly.

Advanced Phishing Protection

ATET Shield email filtering solutions prevent whaling and spear phishing by scanning all inbound emails in real time

Advanced Threat Protection

ATET Shield’s ATP defense uses Inbuilt Bayesian auto learning and heuristics to defend against advanced threats and evolving cyberattack techniques.

Email Protection

ATET Shield's advanced spam protection protects your business by blocking spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and links to malicious websites from your emails. Advanced GEO Blocking.

Protection from Zero Day Attacks

A secure solution for email needs the ability to anticipate new attacks using predictive technology

ATET Enhanced Shield

Phishing ranks as one of the most common and successful tactics for infecting a business with malware. Despite being warned not to click on Websites in unsolicited emails, employees cannot avoid being tempted. Following a click, these malicious sites can result in information breaches, malware, and other significant threats.

Same day Threat detection not seen in competitor phishing products

Comparatively, ATET Enhanced Shield boasts the lowest false positive rate of any feed, the most comprehensive phishing coverage, the most robust phishing detections and defenses, and the fastest phishing detection speeds.

Rapid, real-time updates

Every day, 10 million unique phishing and malicious URLs are discovered thanks to the clickstream data of 600+ million users and endpoints. Using several hundred billion local queries and 100 million cloud queries everyday, ATET Enhanced Shield creates these one-of-a-kind URL additions daily.

We pick the most up-to-date phishing feeds to reduce false alarms and our coverage is 100%.

All of the top 200 brand-targeted phishing assaults in the past year are readily and rapidly covered by our phishing threat intelligence.

Predictive phishing detection

ATET Enhanced Shield can detect and stop sophisticated phishing attacks like those using shortened URLs or automated software.


Email archiving service that works seamlessly with Office 365 and is fully automated, resulting in quick email searches, cheap deployment costs, and easy set-up. Our email archiving system keeps a duplicate of all archived emails, serving as a permanent repository for your correspondence. Whenever time an email contains crucial company information, you may view it quickly and easily thanks to ATET Lock. All of your email is always accessible, backed up, and secure. adhere to all archiving mandates while also meeting all regulatory requirements for doing business.

Office 365 Email Archive Solution

Connecting to Office365 with ATET Lock is hassle-free. When it comes to controlling your company's email storage, which is an essential function for compliance, ATET Lock provides the most cost-effective and time-efficient approach.

Super Accelerated Indexing and Retrieval

Explore your cloud-based email archive in a flash. Since emails can be accessed whenever convenient, workers can better utilize their time. You can do a search right in the Microsoft Outlook add-in, without having to switch to another program.

Easy-to-Use Email Storage

ATET Lock makes it easy for both IT administrators and regular users to configure and access email backups. Get your old email back in a flash.

Safe and Lasting

With email encryption, there's no chance of losing any of your sensitive information in transit. Each and every email is sent and stored in an encrypted format.

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