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Zero-Click Vulnerability Strikes Social Media

Lately, numerous users on a popular social media platform fell victim to hijacking by attackers. Multiple companies and celebrities accounts were affected as their accounts are compromised by hackers.

Reports suggest that the attacker gained access and control over victims by sending a meticulously crafted direct message to the user. Upon opening the message, the user’s account is exposed, providing the attacker with the opportunity to seize control of the account.

This cyber-attack is known as a zero-click vulnerability. Where no clicking of additional links or source is needed to execute the attack. The attack will be triggered automatically without the user’s knowledge, resulting in immediate seizure of their accounts. Currently, there are no known fixes available to address this flaw yet.

Accounts belonging to major entities such as CNN were taken down to prevent exploitation. The relevant security team is now implementing measures to prevent future attacks and is collaborating directly with affected account owners to restore access.

To avoid such attacks, users should exercise caution when clicking on links. It is advisable not to open direct messages from individuals you don’t recognize.

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