What are the advantages of an outsourced DPO?

Data Protection as a Service is the practice of hiring an outsourced DP expert to perform a risk assessment of an organization’s data privacy systems. Outsourcing is


5 reasons why you need vCISO services

A virtual CISO, or virtual Chief Information Security Officer, is an organization’s cyber security leader in all manners of cybersecurity. vCISO services provide high-level guidance for


Don’t get Scam

Don’t Get Scammed! If you missed our earlier talk, watch this recording to learn tips that can help prevent you from making any costly mistakes.


Is antivirus software necessary?

Viruses sound scary, especially considering the current COVID-19 pandemic. Viruses do not just apply to human, but they also apply to any internet-connected device such

Case Study

The WhatsApp Privacy Controversy

Messaging applications have become the de facto means of communication today. The ease of using these messaging applications has made the users life more efficient

Case Study

Capcom Data Security Breach (Ransomware)

Ransomware is a malicious technique that cyber attackers uses to steal people data like documents and files, encrypt them, and request a sum to release

Case Study

Secure Vs Insecure

SolarWinds is an American IT management software company based out of Austin in Texas. The organization develops software that helps companies manage their business networks,

Licensed Cybersecurity Service Provider

Managed Security Operations Centre Monitoring

Penetration Testing


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