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ATET Conducts Cybersecurity Health Clinic for SMEs

ATET recently collaborated with CSA and BCA to conduct a Cybersecurity Health Clinic aimed at SMEs within the construction industry. This clinic, conducted over two sessions, received positive feedback from numerous participants.

The event aimed to educate SME business owners on leveraging a new initiative announced by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) in February 2023. Under this initiative, SMEs can develop cybersecurity health plans with the assistance of cybersecurity consultants acting as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as-a-Service providers. This consultancy includes funding support and is pre-scoped to encompass measures aligned with the Cyber Essentials mark, facilitating SME certification.

The cybersecurity health clinic was designed to help SMEs understand how to utilize this scheme to create a cybersecurity health plan. This plan enables SMEs to strengthen organizational cybersecurity and recognize its pivotal role in business operations. It equips them to implement protective measures, safeguard their business, mitigate cyber threats, and prevent potential financial losses.

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